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Why eightytwenty.com?
eightytwenty.com is the webmaster training curriculum that provides training in the 20% of the technology that webmasters use 80% of the time. Few webmasters will have the time and resources to learn it all. Those that need more will learn what remains if and when the need arises.
Authors / Instructors
William R Kennedy,
  University Webmaster, FDU
Joyce Beck,
  President, The Boulevard Group, Inc.
FDU Campus Webmaster
Past curricula:
Students who were registered for past courses maintain access to all course notes.
If only web pages could cost more!
Web pages don't cost enough. If printing and mailing were free, brochures would look like the World Wide Web: Inconsistent designs, spelling errors, no planning. The high cost of print media reminds us to spend the money to do a brochure right the first time. We should apply the same discipline to our web pages.
How big a web page can you see?
Use this graphic to determine how big the visible area is in various browsers. You'll need to view it at various screen settings (640x480, 800x600, etc.), with various browsers that will be used by visitors to your web site, and with new versions of the major browsers as they are released. Currently, eightytwenty.com uses 590 pixels as a 'standard' page width that virtually all browsers will be able to display without a horizontal scroll bar.
How big a web page can you see, now?
This HTML document uses the above graphic as a background image. A larger section of the graphic will show on the browser screen, since backgrounds fill the entire viewing area, without a top or left margin.
Strongly templated web-site can grow quickly
The FDU web site can grow quickly (hundreds of new pages, and as much as 700% greater hit-rate, in some years) because the pages follow a simple but flexible format. Page creation is content-driven, because design decisions have already been made. As a byproduct, users of the site see a consistent and familiar page layout.
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